Foundation Documents ● Grandview, WA


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The Pioneer History of Grandview


Written by the Grandview Pioneer’s Association.  The period covered is 1908 to 1953.  First account information on the formation of city government, civic improvements, clubs, the coming of the railroads, irrigation and an impressive documenting of firsts in Grandview.  A must read for understanding Grandview’s progress for desert to bounty.


Proceedings of the Grandview Pioneer Association


These minutes record the issues of the day as well as what the guest speakers had to say about those issues. Written in cursive.


The Grandview Woman’s Improvement Club Cookbook of Favorite Recipes 1924


A delightful collection of early recipes.   These are written when the cook was working in a time before electricity.  Baking temperatures are recorded as hot oven, moderate oven or warm oven.   The temperature, of course, was determined by the amount and kind of wood split and placed in the tender box of the wood cooking stove.   A little time spent understanding these recipes will return delightful meals. Enjoy!


A History of the Harvest Festival  


The present Yakima Valley Fair and Rodeo had it start on Division Street as the Harvest Festival.   Just as it is today, this event was the major event of the year.  Then and now, the festival enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the City of Grandview.


A History of the Yakima Valley Fair and Rodeo


Covers the transition from the location near the Dairy Queen to the present home on Wallace Way at Country Park.  This is a story of a community and its desire to provide opportunities not only for their children but also for the children of the Lower Valley.


A Letter to Alice Wentch


This appears to have been an answer to a request for memories of early Grandview.  Written in cursive.   Author unknown.

A Biography of Fred E Hayes


A graduate of Grandview High School, attended Ellensburg Normal School, caught up in World War I and killed in action in France.   The American Legion Post 57 in Grandview is now known as the Fred E. Hayes Post.


Andrew Bernard Catledge Journals


The story of a family that came to Grandview in 1902.  Written in cursive


Grandview Commercial Club Promotional Paper 1910


As far as we know this is the first promotion of the Grandview Commercial Club.  It is filled with stories and pictures of the first residents of Grandview.  Read their own words about what was happening in town.


Grandview Commercial Club Tract


This tract was sponsored by the Oregon – Washington Railroad and Navigation Company.  Written for the purpose of attracting settlers to the Grandview Area.  An interesting read that gives some insight into life in the 1910’s.


Grandview High School History 1945 to 1980


Learn more about the history of Grandview High School.   A brief history of Grandview Schools from 1894 to 1980, biographical sketches of GHS teachers for 1945 to 1980.  Clubs, sports, and social activities are documented.  It is much like an annual but one that covers 35 years!


History of Grandview Greyhound Mascot


Read it and find out!


Keith Jones Autobiography


Life around Grandview from the early 1900’s to after WW II.   Great read.


Byron Vance


A story of immigrants from homesteading in Kansas after the civil war to traveling to the Grandview Area and working first in farming then in agribusiness.   The story ends in 1974.


Minutes of the Jolly Rancher Club


A peek into the social life of settlers in the North Grandview District from 1912 to 1983.  There were many social clubs surrounding Grandview.  Each maintained meticulous records of their meetings.   This is an excellent way to see first-hand what it was like to live a hundred years ago.  Written in Cursive. A hard copy can be found at the museum facility for your enjoyment!

Grandview’s Schools and Churches

Written by Gary Rohde and Gail Boose.   Grandview’s Schools and Churches is an excellent compilation of the facts and stories surrounding our early churches and schools.


1919 Prosperity Edition of the Grandview Herald


The original edition and a copy are at the Grandview Museum.   These are the three articles in the prosperity edition.   History of Local Schools by A.C. Kellogg, superintendent of schools,  One Farmer’s Tribute by H.C. Bohlke and North District Prosperous by R.L. Rice

Walter N Granger and the Sunnyside Canal

Written in 1961 by Rosco Sheller for the Sunnyside Pioneer Association (disbanded in 2015).Walter Granger more than any other one man, was responsible for the location, engineering and the building of the original Sunnyside Canal. He guided its operation through adversity, disappointment and triumph, under several ownership’s, for twenty years to a notable success.

World War II Journal of Darrel Smith

The day-to-day life of a soldier and his perspective of the army and the war being fought from the north coast of Australia.  Darrel entered the army as a private.   The journal ends while the war is still raging with Darrel being transferred to Officer Training School.