A Great Place To Live

A Great Place To Live

Block Watch

Cooperative community effort is still society’s most effective tool in accomplishing objectives too large for the individual. An isolated individual may have little control over his environment, but in cooperation with other, can accomplish much.

You and your neighbors can prevent crime within your community and make it a safer, more secure place to live. Even though today’s lifestyles sometimes make it difficult to be as neighborly as we’d like, being a good neighbor is one of the best ways to prevent crime. Neighbors can be your best protection when out band together to look out for each other’s interests.

What is Block Watch?

Block Watch is simply a program of neighbors watching other neighbors’ property. At all times when you are at home, be alert to what’s going on in your neighborhood. A police officer patrolling your community may not recognize a stranger in your yard, but your neighbors would.

How Does It Work?

The program works through cooperation – Neighbors Watching out for Neighbors. Neighbors know who you are, and what type of car you own,. They may be the first to notice a burglar at your window or door. Each neighbor can effectively watch those homes to each side, the front and back of his own home.

The Block Watch program is not intended to form citizen crime watch patrols or vigilante groups. You are only asked to report the situation to the police and let them handle it. It is not a good idea to confront any suspicious person(s) or attempt arrest yourself; your safety could be in jeopardy.

If you see something suspicious. Write down the description any suspicious persons. get the make, model, color and license numbers of strange vehicles. Call the police and other members of your block Watch group immediately. Don’t assume someone else has called. Call the Police Immediately.

How to Report a Crime:

Law enforcement needs your help reporting crimes. Be alert wherever you are and learn to recognize crime. When you see or hear something that might indicate a criminal act is being committed, don’t hesitate to call the police.

When you are reporting a crime, stay calm and state the problem. Give the address where the emergency is occurring . Remember to give the full address and the nearest cross street. Being able to give North/South/East/West directions is a great help.

It is important to be able to describe the offender to police after the offense has occurred. Police need to know the suspect’s race, sex, age, height, weight, build, complexion, hair color, eye color, clothing and miscellaneous identifying marks such has tattoos, scars, etc.

Let the police dispatcher control the conversation. Answer all questions to ensure the best response. If you wish to remain anonymous, give your name to the operator, then request anonymity and tell the operator that if the officers need more information, they can call you later.

To ensure complete anonymity, call the Crime Stoppers program.

What Else Can You Do?

Exchange work and vacation schedules with a neighbor(s) you trust so you can keep an eye on each other’s homes. If you know that your neighbor is away and you see an obvious invitation to a burglar., correct it. Close the open garage door and remove the accumulation of newspapers from the doorstep. Make the effort! Become acquainted with your neighbors.

How to Develop the Program:

To develop a Block Watch program in your neighborhood, contact the Grandview Police department. They will assist in developing a community plan. For the program to be totally effective, each resident must take an active role in both security improvement and observation.