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Microsoft Imagine Academy

Get a library card and become a Microsoft Learner with MS Imagine Academy

Welcome to the Microsoft Imagine Academy through Grandview Library. Microsoft Imagine Academy will help you increase your use of technology by developing your computer skills, becoming proficient in Microsoft software, learning about web development, and more. You can access e-learning courses 24-7 from any computer with Internet access.

Grandview Library, in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation, the Washington State Library, Office of Secretary of State and the Washington State Legislature, is proud to provide Washington state residents free access to the Microsoft Imagine Academy.

Before you begin your self-paced learning about Microsoft software (example: Office and Windows), you need to do the following:

  1. If your email address ends with Hotmail.com, Outlook.com, MSN.com, or Live.com, you already have a Microsoft account. Skip to step #5.
  2. If you don’t have an email address, you can get one from Microsoft. Skip to step #4.
  3. If you have a non-Microsoft email address, you can use it to create a new Microsoft account. Continue to step #4.
  4. Create a new Microsoft account.
  5. Open a library account. If you already have a Grandview Library account and are a Washington state resident, skip to step #6.  If you do not have a Grandview Library account, you may choose to open a regular library account or a special MS Imagine Academy Learner account**.  
  6. Obtain an Access Code by emailing a request to library@grandview.wa.us. Please include MS IT Academy on the subject line, to insure a prompt response.
  7. Upon receiving a reply, follow the Learning Plan Link in the email.

Enroll in MS Imagine Academy E-Learning Using a Learning Plan Link

  1. Follow the Learning Plan Link mentioned in step #7.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account, see step #4
  3. Accept the terms of use agreement by checking “I Accept”, if you do not Accept the agreement, you will not be granted access to the site.
  4. Fill in the User Profile including a unique ID. We recommend you use your Grandview Library Patron number (PXXX).

You now have complete access to all Microsoft Online learning offered via the Imagine Academy. Most Learners choose Office 2010 or Office 2013 as their starting point but you may browse to locate and add any additional Microsoft Training to your “My Courses” tile. If you are looking for a specific course title and cannot find it, email us at library@grandview.wa.us or ask a staff member, we may be able to help.

**Which should I choose: a regular Grandview Library account or a special MS IT Academy Learner account?

  • A regular Grandview Library account allows you to use all the services our library provides. Check out books and movies; use the public computers; place holds on items that are checked out; request materials for purchase and interlibrary loan; or enroll in library programs (MS Imagine Academy, summer reading program, etc.).
  • A special MS Imagine Academy Learner account will only allow you access to MS IT Academy courses via an Internet connection.

If accessing Microsoft Imagine Academy from home, review the System Requirements.  Find a Microsoft Certification Center.

PLEASE NOTE:  MS IT Academy is for Washington residents only.